Air Fiber 5X HD (AF 5XHD)

The New Standard for WISP Backhaul Performance

Model: AF5XHD
True 1Gbps+ Spectrally Efficient, Noise Resilient PTP Technology Specifically Designed for WISP’s

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GPS External, Magnetic Base
Max Throughput 1Gbps+
Max PPS 2+ Million
Spectral Efficiency 21,2 bps/Hz
Modulation Symbols 4096 QAM
Spectral Widths Supported 10/20/30/40/50/60/80/100 MHz
UNMS App Bluetooth Support
Throughput 1 Gbps+
Packets per Second 2 Million+
Modulation 4096 QAM
RF Filtering Proprietary

Complete Custom Hardware for the WISP, right down to the Silicon

Our core communications processing engine surpasses all of the limitations inherent to generic
Wi‐Fi chips.

Game-Changing LTU Technology

Spectral Efficiency Comparison of 802.11n, 802.11ac, airFiber Original, and LTU by year.

IP-67 Durability

airFiber 5XHD is Water Resistant and Perfect for any Weather Conditions.



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