GoodWe GW60KN-MT

The GoodWe GW60KN-MT inverter is ideal for medium to large-sized distribution projects , and thus suited for medium and large scale commercial rooftops, farm plants and ground-mounted solar PV systems where maximum versatility and profitability are important. With its compact design and power boost function, the GoodWe GW60KN-MT can provide a 15% continuous maximum AC output power overload, offering a faster return on investment. The start-up voltage is 200V, much lower than other products, which makes the inverter start up earlier, therefore generating more power over time. It boasts advanced topology and innovative control technology to achieve a maximum efficiency of 99.0%, aimed at maximizing long-term returns and profitability for the system owner.

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  • 60 kW , Four-MPPT , Three-Phase Inverter for medium and large-scale Commercial usage
  • Improve energy harvest with four MPPT trackers to minimize output losses caused by partial shading and other mismatch effects.
  • Up to 50% DC input oversizing
  • Up to 15% AC output overloading
    • Boost your power output up to an extra 15% to achieve a higher yield and
      quicker return on investment.
  • Up to 99% Max. Efficiency
  • String level monitoring
  • Full-load running at 50ºC
  • Power line communication : The optional PLC communication offers stable data transmission and enables monitoring of large PV systems in remote areas.
  • DC Input data :
    • PV Power (W) : 80,000W
    • DC Input Voltage (V) : 1,100
    • MPPT Range (V) : 200~1,000V
    • Starting Voltage (V) : 200V
    • Nominal DC Input Voltage (V) : 620
    • Input Current (A) : 33/33/33/33
    • Short Current (A) : 41.5/41.5/41.5/41.5
  • AC Output data
    • Nominal Output Power (W) : 60,000W
    • Output Power (W) : 66,000; 69,000@415Vac
    • Output Apparent Power (VA) : 66,000; 69,000@415Vac
    • Nominal Output Voltage (V) : 400,3L/N/PE or 3L/PE
    • Nominal Output Frequency (Hz) : 50/60
    • output current (A) : 96



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