GoodWe GW5000-EH

The GoodWe GW5000-EH is a single-phase, on-grid inverter that includes a “Battery Ready”option for those users that eventually might wish to acquire a full energy storage solution. By simply purchasing an activation code, the GoodWe GW5000-EH can easily be upgraded to a complete ESS system. The GoodWe GW5000-EH is compatible with high voltage batteries (85-450V) and with a power deviation lower than 20W, this inverter is totally designed to maximize solar self-consumption.

The fact that it takes less than 10 seconds to switch from grid to PV to supply power for heavy loads, helps users to avoid expensive intakes from the grid. Besides, it comes with an automatic UPS function and one of its most remarkable features is that even when it is on the back-up mode it can still supply power to large loads such as air conditioners. The communication cables come pre-wired, which reduces the installation time significantly. Its Plug & Play AC connector makes the operation and maintenance significantly more convenient.GINE

  • 5000 W , Dual-MPPT , Single Phase Hybrid Inverter
  • UPS automatic switch in 10ms
  • Wide battery voltage range 85~450V
  • Large loads when back-up
  • Maximize self-consumption
  • Pre-wired, plug & play

Technical Data

GW3600-EH GW5000-EH GW6000-EH

Battery Input Data:

Battery Type: Li-Ion
Battery Voltage Range: 85~450V
Start-up Voltage: 90V
Max. Charging/Discharging Current (A) : 25/25
Max. Charging/Discharging Power: 5000 W
Battery Ready Optional Function: YES

PV String Input Data:

Max. DC Input Power: 6650W
Max. DC Input Voltage: 580V
MPPT Range: 100~550V
Start-up Voltage: 90V
Nominal DC Input Voltage:380V
Max. Input Current:12.5/12.5A
Max. Short Current:15.2/15.2A
No. of MPP Trackers:2
No. of Strings per MPP Tracker:1

AC Output Data (On-grid) :

Nominal Apparent Power Output to Utility Grid 5000VA
Max. Apparent Power Output to Utility Grid : 5000/5500VA
Max. Apparent Power from Utility Grid:10000VA (Charging 5kw,backup output5kw)
Nominal Output Voltage:230V
Nominal Output Frequency (Hz):50/60Hz
Max. AC Current Output to Utility Grid:21.7/24A
Max. AC Current From Utility Grid: 43.4A
Output Power Factor ~1 (Adjustable from 0.8 leading to 0.8 lagging)
Output THDi (@Nominal Output) : <3%

AC Output Data (Back-up):

Max. Output Apparent Power : 5000VA
Peak Output Apparent Power : 6000VA ,60sec
Max. Output Current : 21.7A
Automatic Switch Time: <10ms.
Nominal Output Voltage: 230V (±2%)
Nominal Ouput Frequency: 50/60Hz. (±0.2%)
Output THDv (@Linear Load) : <3%



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