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UPC                  AVR                         IVERTER                         PROTECTOR                     CHARGER

WNR & SWNR Series / Relay Type

Model WNR-500VA SWNR-500VA WNR-1000VA SWNR-1000VA WNR-1500VA SWNR-1500VA WNR-2000VA SWNR-2000VA WNR-3000VA SWNR-3000VA WNR-5000VA SWNR-5000VA WNR-8000VA SWNR-8000VA WNR-10000VA SWNR-10000VA
Power 300w 600W 900W 1200W 1800W 3000W 4800W 6000W
Technology Zero Cross Switching Technology & Digital CPU Control Circuit & Delay Countdown System & Metal Cabinet
Transformer Toroidal Transformer
Input Voltage 100-260Vac/140-260Vac, 50/60 Hz
Output Voltage 220V/230V, 110% or 8%
Efficiency 98%
Phase Single Phase
Display WNR Series: Classical Dual LED Digital Display SWNR Series: New Integrated LED Digital Display
Cooling Smart Fan (Automatic Startup at 65°C)
Protection High Voltage/Low Voltage (Optional)/Overheat/Overload/Short Circuit/6s or 180s Output Delay
Certification CE (LVD+EMC) 2.8 kgs
Unit Weight/N.W. 2.8 kgs 3.5 kgs 4.3 kgs 4.7 kgs 8.5 kgs 10.2 kgs 14.8 kgs 16.9 kgs
Giftbox Size (mm) 283*225*182 283*225*182 335*225*182 335*225*182 430*222*198 430*222*198 435*290*228 435*290*228
Carton Size (mm) 465*293*385 (4) 460*420*417 (4) 460*420*417 (4) N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A

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